Upcoming workshops

Please see below details of our upcoming workshop.   Please remember that if you wish to attend any of our workshops or sewing days contact the programme organisers.

Thursday July 25th Katherine Guerrier will teach “Snail Trail”.

Katherine is giving a talk two days before the workshop, on her career as designer and writer.  This will be illustrated with a host of patchwork quilts that will, she hopes, inform and inspire us.  The talk should last about one hour and will be a “hands on” tour of quilts made over the last twenty years with related stories and tips.  Mostly scrap quilts representing her progress as a quilter, from the early use of dressmaking offcuts to designer fabrics custom made for quilters.  Her talks are informal with opportunities for questions and answers.  www.katharineguerrier.com

Thursday September 12th Sewing Day.