Hand Sewing Workshop with Sue Rhodes

We were lucky to receive two reports for this workshop:

Pat’s Kantha Stitching

I have been wanting to have a go at Kantha stitching for a number of years and couldn’t wait to do the workshop with Sue Rhodes so that I could have a go.  Our morning started with Sue having a chat with us about the tradition of Kanthas and how they are often small pieces of fabric used to wrap precious items rather than quilts. With this tradition in mind we would be making a needle case to keep our small precious needles safe in their packets. I chose to use a light mauve hand dyed fabric for the embroidery, while others chose a blue cotton chambray fabric for theirs.

Sue provided worksheets and templates and plenty of ideas and examples of how to stitch the designs.  She is a knowledgeable and a sharing tutor, giving time to each student as she showed us different threads, a new quilting thimble, and told us where to find examples of Kantha in books and on the internet.

A very enjoyable and stress free workshop which we all enjoyed.

Pat Robinson

Rosie’s Shibori Stitching

I chose to do the Sashiko stitching with Sue Rhodes.  Attached is a picture of the work so far but, as you can see I still have a lot to do before my needle case is complete.  The course was excellent.  We learnt a huge amount about both Sashiko and Kantha stitching and she was a very good and patient teacher.

Rosie Lait