Upcoming Workshops

Please see below the workshops / Sewing Days from January through to October 2018.  Links to the tutors’ websites are included if available.

Patchwork of the Crosses

Thursday January 25th Nancy Adamek will be teaching “Patchwork of the Crosses”.   www.linapatchwork.com

Thursday February 15th will be an in-house workshop given by Heather Cook on “Bags”.  Come and make a bag for the Tombola Stall at our Show later in the year.

Thursday March 15th Lara Sparks will be teaching “Machine Embroidered Cushion or Lampshade”.   Lara has lots of different themes to choose from.  You start with a plain piece of linen and build up the embroidery.  She can bring linen for you.  There are several ideas from students’ work on Lara’s facebook page.  larasparks-embroidery.co.uk

Thursday March 29th there will be a Sewing Day where members can bring whatever sewing they wish to do, be it on-going or something new.  However, booking is required.

Thursday April 12th Lynne Edwards is back to teach “Curved Piecing”.  Lynne visited us last year and showed us the quilt which also appeared in a Fabrications Quilting For You magazine back in 2008/2009.  By popular demand we have asked her to show us her ideas for the drunkard’s path block.

Thursday 19th April Jane Andreoli will teach “Textile Art for Beginners”.  Jane says “my classes are messy, noisy and accessible to everyone, even those who’ve been told they’re no good at art by some ghastly schoolmaster in the past.  In fact, especially for those who think they are no good.  We spend the morning creating our fabric collages, either from our imaginations, or by using some form of prompt, such as a favourite photo, then in the afternoon we cover them with organza and start machine quilting.  It’s perfectly normal for a piece to need finishing off after the lesson and nobody should feel pressured into producing a work of art in a day.  The important thing is to relax and enjoy the process!”   www.ejatextileart.co.uk

Thursday May 10th Sewing Day.  Come and finish all those projects that have been put in the drawer, never to see the light of day.  Or come and make a charity quilt, or finish a workshop project.  Whatever you would like to do.  Tea, coffee and biscuits all day, but please ensure you book first!

Thursday May 17th will be an in-house workshop given by Helen Attree entitled “Unwanted Blocks”.  If you have lots of sample blocks that were never finished, bring them along and Helen will give you ideas on how to put them together to make a quilt.

Thursday June 28th We have Sandie Lush coming to teach us how to embroider a design using colonial knots.  This can then be made into a cushion.  Sandie will bring several designs for you to choose from.  www.sandielush.co.uk

Thursday July 19th another in-house workshop, this time with Krystyna Astle, who will guide us to make a “3 zips gear bag”.  A really useful bag with lots of pockets to carry all your sewing tools.  Please note there will be preparation required before the class, and Krystina says not suitable for beginners.

Thursday September 13th member Pam Carstairs will be teaching an in-house workshop using a jelly roll to make a quilt.

Thursday October 18th Sara Cook will be coming to teach us “Traditional Bojagi”.  Bojagi (wrapping cloths) is a form of Korean Textile Art.  They are usually square and fabrics used are cotton, silk, hemp and ramie.  If you visit the following website you can see details of Sara and also view the “gallery” where you will find samples of Bojagi.  http://www.bojagiuk.com