Lynne Edwards’ Workshop

Christa’s Cathedral Window

When I got up on the morning of the workshop, I felt like I had as a child on Christmas day. Very pleased that the day had arrived at last.

It was well worth it. We all had a great day. Lynne was a very good tutor and we had a day that was full of endless tips and guidance. I have had several tries before at Cathedral Windows but without success. With Lynne’s step by step instructions it was so easy. She showed us what to do and was available to help throughout the day. There was no rush to do each step and she was great at going over each stage on a one to one basis should you need extra help. I came home with an almost completed piece of work as did most of the class.

It was nice to see such a variation of fabrics used and how different they all looked. As I was driving home I felt like I had been on holiday for the day. No phones or pressure just the joy of sewing something lovely. If you missed this workshop and have the chance to do one with Lynne at another time, try not to miss it.

Christa Cook