Jan Hassard’s “Spirals” Colourwave Quilt

Our special visitor

Our special visitor

It’s not often we can boast such a prestigious visitor to one of our workshops.   Okay, it was only a cardboard cut-out but that didn’t stop us raising a glass of bubbly and wishing Her Majesty a very Happy Birthday.

We were, of course, all taking part in another of Jan Hassard’s marvellous workshops at Berwick Village Hall.  The “Spirals” sample on show looked spectacular, made from all batiks and Jan took us through an instruction board setting out all the steps and demonstrating how everything fitted together.

The sewing of initial blocks was relatively simple.  The cutting out quite straight forward as long as you remembered which row you were assembling. However, the setting out on the design wall, needed all your wits about you and I think it might be fair to say that probably 90% of us got it wrong to start with.  But Jan was very patient as she adjusted our layouts and, on standing back, we could see there was a very definite pattern emerging.

The bubbly came out at lunchtime accompanied by a panettone and there was chocolate cake for afternoon tea.

What a joy to spend the day sewing with our friends and celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday.  Before long, we hope to be showing off our dazzling mementoes of this milestone in British history, a riot of cushions and quilts with titles something along the lines of “The Colours of 90 Years” or “HM Birthday Stitch-In”.

Meg Timms