In House Kaleidoscope Quilt Workshop

Thursday 9th February, 2017 – In House Kaleidoscope Workshop
with Meg Timms and Heather Cook

pictures of Diane’s work in progress

We soon forgot the cold, miserable grey day outside as we got on with sorting, measuring, and pinning pattern repeats in our fabric. Soon we were layering and cutting into strips with six pattern repeats exactly on top of each other. Our next step was to cut our strips into equilateral triangles using the sixty degree markings on the rulers. We carefully kept each set of six together in readiness to join into two half hexagons. As we discovered the kaleidoscope patterns emerging from the triangles lots of satisfied and contented comments were heard. Most of us went home with several hexagon rotations matched in pairs.
Before putting the blocks together they were auditioned on a design wall with the option of joining them directly together or using an infill colour to separate the individual rotations. No two block were the same and the dominant colours and patterns that emerged looked so different from the original fabric.
Thank you Meg and Heather for an inspiring day.

Diane Stobart