Applique From The Back Review

Helen's Robin

Helen’s Robin

This workshop, lead by Anne Weald, showed us the technique of “appliqué from the back”.  The first hour was spent practising free machine quilting on fabric scraps so that we gained confidence in using our sewing machines with the feed dogs down, and could control the stitching.

With this technique, the pattern is drawn onto “stitch n tear” vilene and secured on the back of the background material.  Pieces of fabric larger than the appliqué piece required, is placed face down on a table and the background fabric is lined up over the piece to be appliquéd.  Using a thread matching the appliqué fabric, you free machine sew on the drawn line.  The fabric sandwich is removed from the machine and using fine scissors the excess appliqué fabric is trimmed to the stitching.  The picture is built up this way.

Once all the stitching lines have been sewn the fine detail embellishment can be stitched from the front.  Once this is complete, the picture can be layered and, using invisible thread the quilting is added for both outline and background.

As someone who generally dislikes appliqué I really liked this technique, as there are no problems trying to needle turn points.  It also gives a softer feel than using a bonded web to glue the appliqué pieces in place.  I managed to complete the sewing in the workshop and my husband liked it so much he wants me to make a hedgehog picture next.  (I have already found the picture and some of the fabric).

It was a fun, relaxed day (except for the occasional machine malfunctions) and a big thank you goes to Anne for her patience, encouragement and generosity.

 Helen Attree